Monday, 9 June 2014

Dear Juniper - 9 Months

Dear Juniper,

You are, right this minute, 9 months old. Isn't that fantastic!?

I'm loving this age so much. You're sweetness and fun and such a character. You interact and chat with us more than ever. You're not saying any words yet, but you're very vocal and loud. I wish I knew what you meant when you ooh, and aaah, and angrily chatter about this or that. Soon enough I will. We think you might be saying "Dad" with purpose, but we're not sure. You're so cheeky now, we build towers with your blocks and invite you to knock them down. The look you give when you grin afterwards is the perfect mix of cheek and pride.

We went to our first Wiggle and Giggle session together last week, it's half an hour of singing for babies and toddlers at our local library. There were a lot of babies and adults there, a lot more than I expected, and I thought maybe you would be overwhelmed a little, like I was, and maybe sit on my knee. Maybe even snuggle while we sang and swayed. But I should have known better. You are fiercely independent and you are fearless and confident. You paid little attention to the woman singing at the front of the room, and focused your attention on playing with as many shoes as you could get to. I spent the half an hour letting you crawl until you were nearly out of reach, then dragging you back to me amid squeals of protest. Afterwards I let you crawl free while someone blew bubbles for the older children to catch, the older children and you. You, in the middle of the scrum of toddlers towering over you. You, dodging stamping feet and lunging at bubbles. You, being you. You being amazing.

As I'm writing this you're sleeping between my legs. This is how you nap now, and I'm fine with that. I read, or write, or crochet, while you snooze. You nap like this because you refuse to be rocked to sleep, and if I lay down  to feed you, you know what I'm up to and roll away. So you feed sitting up while I rock you, and when you drift off I settle you down, your head against my knee, your legs tucked under my other leg. Cosy and safe, in the ring of my legs. I'm in no rush to have you sleep alone, I love this time. I love to feel you breathe, and watch your face. You sleep against me all night as well. I can't imagine having you further from me.

You're growing and learning so quickly my love. I hope I can keep up.

Love, Mumma.