Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dear Juniper - 10 months

Dear Juniper,

You are, right this minute, 10 months old. Isn't that awesome!? Double digits!
You've changed and grown so much in the last month. Your main new trick is walking! Two weeks ago you took three wobbly steps into my arms, and you've been practising hard ever since. For a day or two afterwards you pushed your play gym back and forth across the room, to help with your confidence I suppose, but now you just go for it. You walk a lot better when you have a something in your hands, like a book or a toy. I'll never forget the hilarity of you holding a green spoon, pointing it right at me, and waddling sideways across the room. I laughed until I cried, you looked like a pirate who'd switched her sword for a spoon.

In the same week you learnt how to clap. I don't think many babies learn to clap and walk in the same week, you're an early walker but a late clapper, and that's ok! One night you were looking for some milkies and gave a round of applause as I unclipped my bra for you. I felt so appreciated, my boobie monster!

A relief to your bookworm parents, is that you've started enjoying listening to books! Yay, books! You don't just eat them any more, you sit down and listen, and then try to eat them.

We've been going on some trips in your pusher, which is a relief for my back as you're getting bigger and heavier. I think you like being able to see where you're going, you stay mostly still and quiet when we go for our walks, occasionally babbling quietly to yourself as we go.

A final milestone this week; your first cold. You're coughing and full of snot, just like me, but for the most part it hasn't dampened your spirits. It breaks our hearts to hear your chest rattling, but we know that you'll be fine in a few days, and your immune system will be the better for it. Get well soon Junebug.


Mum and Dad.